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AI in a group does not exactly respect speed set in the ME

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Hi everyone,


I have noticed while trying to set up a supersonic interception of a group of Tu-22M3 in the ME that the group does not respect the speed it was assigned in the ME. The instantaneous speed is not the one set in the ME (and in the trk attached even the average speed is incorrect). Sometime one airplane is going faster and sometime it slows down (in the trk attached the 3rd plane is the one whose speed is constantly changing). I've seen this with the GS being locked but also if I try to lock the ETA (with GS unlock).


Is this the intended behaviour ?


I thank you in advance for your answers.

Trk : Tu-22M3_fix_GS_bug.trk

Miz : CA-Formation_test.miz

ACMI : Tacview-20210108-215356-DCS-CA-Formation_test.zip.acmi


I just had the idea of testing this exact same mission with exactly the same parameters but with only one airplane in the group and everything work has intended.

Trk : single_Tu-22M3_speed_test.trk

Miz : CA-Tu-22M3_speed_test.miz

ACMI : Tacview-20210108-220515-DCS-CA-Tu-22M3_speed_test.zip.acmi

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