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There used to be a post up on what documents could and could not be posted, as well as guidelines for who to discuss a corner case with prior to posting, but can't seem to find it. 


Ran into something that would be useful to the home cockpit builders, but also recalled it was the sort of thing that would require official ED review first, so didn't want to go trompling toes in the process. 


Thank you, 


Harry Voyager

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On 12/21/2019 at 10:17 PM, NineLine said:

1.16. Posting of images, file links, file sharing links, and copying and pasting information is prohibited if the source document is from a classified or ITAR controlled source. When posting aircraft, sensor or weapon information more recent than 1980, you must also include the source of the document showing that it is 100% public and verified as not from a classified or non-ITAR controlled source. To not do so will result in the removal of the message. Posting information from a classified or ITAR-controlled source will result in the message being removed and a 20% warning and one-week suspension (dependent on warning level).


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