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Mission 15 - Chevy 01 orbit at waypoint 3 and not turning left to waypoint 4

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Hello everyone and Baltic Dragon, and Happy New Year !


During the mission 15, Chevy 01 leads the package and just after accelerating to waypoint 2, he enters indefinitely in orbit (by turning right) at waypoint 3 instead of turning left to waypoint 4.


I remade the mission several times to check a message missed from me on different radios, but it was not that. I have already re-installed the campaign without results.


I check the navigation of Chevy 01 in the Mission Editor and I found that in "ACTIONS DECLENCHEES" the action "11. Démarrage" is just after the action "10. Basculer sur waypoint(<current> - 3) "Accelerate" and before the action "12. Basculer sur waypoint(<current> - 4)  "Turn"


I saw too that the action "9. Basculer sur waypoint(<current> - 8 "old"  7 is betwen the actions 8 and 10. Impossible to modify the mission and save it after change the sequence, I guess the write is protected. See attaxhed pictures.


Can this sequence of events be the cause of this blocking? I didn't find any topics at this subject and I hope you can help me or everyone encountering this problem.


Thanks in advance,







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Hi BD !


Thanks for your answer. i will try to do that and put Afterburner to rejoin quickly the formation. During all the tries, i have rejoined Chevy 01 before Chevy 03 and have all communications working well. I have check with a YT video to see if i missed some coms or events.


I will try your updated mission in the post.


Thank you very much for your work and this very good campaign 😉



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Hello BD, It is working well with the the new M15 Mission integrated in the campaign ! i have just finished it and it was very immersive 🙂


thank you for your work and the good support.



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