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Single-click SAVE/LOAD for input profiles

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One of the most annoying things I find I deal with in DCS is control mapping. Every time there is an update many of my HOTAS control bindings seem to reset to their default settings. I've found the option to save my bindings for each aircraft, but unless I'm doing things wrong it requires me to make separate saves for throttle, stick and pedals. So I have to save 3 profiles for each module, and then have to reload 3 profiles for each module when they get reset.


Can we please have single SAVE and LOAD buttons in the control editor that will just backup ALL our bindings in one go and reload them all together? 


Apologies if I've just missed it and been doing it wrong all this time.

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Thanks. Is that where DCS saves the changes I make to all my profiles? Does that mean if I make a change without exporting the profiles myself, they'll be in there in the same state as when I closed DCS? That's brilliant!

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