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okay so iv been flying the Hornet for a while i recently tried A/A and i did the turorial for the aim-120 and the radar worked then when i went ont a server it failed to pick anything up i tried to agust the altitude of the scan and the range but nothing and i got shot dow time and time again now befor you say "Git Gud" im a decent pilot already and can stand my own in a Dog fight.


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We cannot guess from the little information you provided. You might have missed something for a radar to work. It might have been damaged. Maybe there was no aircraft in the space you searched. Wrong mode? PRF setting? Display range? Maybe the target was really high or NOE? Good dogfighting skill tells us nothing about your radar and BVR skills.

G4560@3,5GHz/DDR4-16GB/GTX970-4GB/SATA3-SSD, Win7-64, 27"LCD-FullHD, T16000M HOTAS, customTiR

Aircraft: FC3, F-14B / Supercarrier / Maps: NTTR, PG

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