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Hey guys, 


Selling my Ryzen 5 3600 with the stock cooler. 


I've upgraded to the 5900x hence the reason for the sale. I've had the CPU for 11 months and it still has 2 years of manufacturer's warranty left on it. 

Never manually overclocked the CPU. 


160 Euros + shipping from France. 


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Yeh sure, with the 5900 the performance is obviously better. It's mainly my frame times that have improved, from around 25-30 to 15-20 ms. I have also gained a few FPS.  I use a Reverb G1 with a 2080 Super.  Couldn't get a new GPU because of stock issues so CPU was the only upgrade available. I bought the 5900X for 650 Euros. Is it worth that much money for faster frame time? Well....yes, I have no regrets but everyone's disposable income is different.


The 3600 works just great with DCS, if you got a decent GPU you can have quite high settings. 

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