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MBT HE is better than MBT ATGMs

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The HE shot from MBTs seems to be the most reliable weapon to kill other MBTs, although there are some difference between the HE of different tanks, where AP will bounce or only damage, or an ATGM will be absorb/only damage, an HE shot will be a one shot kill.

Unlike almost all other type of vehicles in DCS (and aircraft for that matter), where HE rounds don't have enough impact on armor, the MBT HE is king, one of the most potent weapons on the ground, it outranges AP and it kills more reliably than both AP and ATGM (Russian ones)

By the way, can someone from ED check if the TOW damage works as intended as it seems to outclass any of the russian ATGMs, it one hit kills and penetrates more reliably, even a frontal shot on an Abrams is lethal ? Can't say the same for when firing an ATGM from a T-series tank.  

MBT HE Damage.trk

You can try the same with a T-90 and M1 if you want. There are exceptions, sometimes, but the general performance is captured in the track.

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I always had a hunch that DCS ammunition was a bit off when it came to tanks, coupled with the damage model issues (among a load of other things).


What is HE even supposed to be on western vehicles? HEAT? HESH? It's just I'm not aware of any HE/HEF rounds fired from western tanks. I know that much of our Soviet/Russian vehicles should have an HEF-FS round available.


That said, I don't think DCS models the difference between HEAT, HESH or HE projectiles; though the damage model would have to be made to accommodate them, I guess you can't really have one without the other, particularly when it comes to ERA.



Putting all together I'm not expecting much in terms of changes unless we see a higher fidelity damage model, or even a higher fidelity vehicle module.

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