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Day/Night spotting transition does not work, unless you use External Views.

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Alright.... so, units have different spotting capabilities, depending on day/night/illumination.

If you have a mission, which starts in Day time, with AI having their full spotting capability and then the mission transitions to night, the AI will retain their previous capability, unless you switch to an external view.

Uploading two tracks. With these mission settings, AI loose their ability to spot at around 1900 local, mission time.

In one of the tracks... I start at 1800 local, when the AI can still spot and I remain on the F10 map. Accelerate time and reach past 2100 local. Now almost completely dark, I still see the AI spot on the map. I give ROE Weapons Free and they engage their targets. I put them on ROE Hold. Go to F7 view at my units, then return to the F10 map. Couple of seconds pass and boom, AI can no longer spot the target and cannot fire at it, when set to Weapons Free.

Second track, same mission... Start at 1800 local. Accelerate time to past 1900 local (Mind you, there is still some light, unlike track 1 where it was almost pitch black). F7 external view to my units, back to the F10 map... boom, AI can no longer see the hostiles.

Now imagine you are running this on a dedicated server and you cannot even go to external views to fix it.


AI No F7.trk

AI F7.trk

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Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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1 hour ago, Flappie said:

100% reproducible.

Here's a video based on your first track.



Check your youtube link, seems to now work.



Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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