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VMFA-212 Lancers Recruiting Hornet Pilots

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Welcome, and thanks for coming along to have a read about VMFA-212 Lancers.

We're a milsim group of virtual aviators, mainly based in the EU, who fly the F/A-18C using as close to real life procedures as we can simulate in the DCS environment. We are dedicated and commited to our virtual craft and we're looking for fellow DCS pilots who would like to join us in the ready room.

We offer training and support with 3 dedicated servers and a group of talented Instructor Pilots with a mix of military and commecial aviation flying experience. We run regular training sorties within the VMFA-212, focussing on elements such as navigation, BFM, ACM, air-to-surface, anti maritime unit warfare, and of course the wonderful Case I and III CQ.
Besides working with fellow F/A-18C drivers, you will get the chance to fly with our fellow community squadrons, performing CAS with A-10C providing your FAC(A). Or taking part in COIN operations with Gazelle (and in 'two weeks' the Kiowa) providing you talk on to insurgent targets.  Or engaging in DACT against highly talented F-16 pilots!

We also run weekly dynamic campaign missions, put together by our excellent mission design team. You'll be working alongside aircraft from multiple squadrons to meet complex objectives and deliver weapons on target. The F/A-18 is the workhorse of the community and we are called upon to fulfill taskings from the entire range of the spectrum, from CAP to SEAD to CAS to Strike to Armed Recon and SCAR to name just some.

What we ask: You need a certain minimum level of ability with the F/A-18C at this time. We are looking at developing a pipeline for recruits who need a little more training, but it's not yet in place. You need to be able to answer 'yes' to the following:

  • Do I own Supercarrier, Syria, PG and the F/A-18C modules?
  • Can I operate the systems of the F/A-18C to a reasonable standard?
  • Can I safely take off from the carrier?
  • Can I hold formation during level flight, climbs, turns and descents?
  • Can I perform AAR?
  • Can I perform a CASE I pattern overhead break recovery?
  • Can I attend training sessions on a Thursday at 2030 CE(S)T
  • Can I attend campaign sessions on a Sunday at 1945 CE(S)T
  • Do I have a good attitude to learning, training and feedback?
  • Am I over 16 years of age?


If the answers are yes, then we can work with you and we'd love to hear from you.


Our Discord is https://discord.gg/G3G64cT

Please feel free to come along and ask questions!


TAW_Reaver VMFA-212 Commanding Officer





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