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Stores directional stability effects

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First of all, congratulations and thanks for the impressive F-14 recreation!.


I have a question related to the aerodynamics effects of external stores: are they modeled?. I assume they are not, at least in terms of aircraft stability and control impact.


I´ve read that you´re working on a more realistic drag model for external stores configurations (fuel tanks and under fuselage weapons, right?). So, my question is if you have planned to include some directional stability degradation due to external stores as points the Natops.


Yes, I am fully aware how difficult is to do it without real data....but, according to real jet flight manual, perhaps some (and always conservative) CNb reduction could be implemented with increasing Drag Index numbers. For sure it will not yield the exact jet behaviour...but definitely it will be closer than a 0 directional stability effects version...like the current one?. Apparently, the Natops states that it is not the result of a single store but the addition of several ones...and so my suggestion of a DI correlation and incremental approach. Probably, former F-14 pilots could help tweaking it by providing valuable info on more critical configurations.


Best regards,


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Those aerodynamic effects are in and should be apparent to you in the approach configuration. Primarily in the form of carrying tanks on directional stability. See if you can tell.


Originally Posted by Larkis


“Imo im glad he is gone. He was a really mean, narcissistic and disrespectfull person. Everyone has to cheer him that hecwas a real tomcat driver and only his way is the best way. And when you question him or want to discuss stuff like "shutdown hud for landing" he get angry and offensive very fast. Im glad he is gone...”

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Great!. I have not tested it, actually few flight hours on the F-14. 


But, sorry for asking, is your statement confirmed by developers (perhaps you belong to the HB team.. ?). 



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JACN, you were given answer by the subject matter expert himself - a former Tomcat pilot. I'll add what I heard about the DCS modeling. Store drug is actually somewhat out of the HB hands and is govern by ED. Each store has its own drag and that means both weight imbalance (thus roll force) and different drag on sides (thus yaw force) is possible. What is not currently modeled are stores drag depending on the placement (fuselage vs wings) and order (one behind another).

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