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CTD without any pop ups

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I gotta say there seems to be way more crashing reports than before.  Coincidence?  And I'm seeing far more WARNING's and ERROR's even in my log file.  I don't remember seeing these errors before.



2021-01-08 01:09:18.476 INFO    EDTERRAINGRAPHICS41: instancer factors has been changed. Update lod buffers.

And then they merged OB and Stable......


With that said, your pagefile seems too low.

Whatever the reason, you're running out of memory.  Line 1177 of your log.  32GB of RAM seem a lot but will still depend on your pagefile and swapping as the game content is much larger than 32GB.



2021-01-08 01:34:30.691 ERROR   DX11BACKEND: Failed to create shader resource view for coremods/aircraft/fa-18c/liveries/fa-18c_hornet/vx-31 cona/F18C_1_DIF_RoughMet.dds. Reason: Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation.


Also line 1241 and 1243

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Taz is right. This is a memory issue, and your pagefile size confirms it. DCS doesn't like having less than 6GB of pagefile. Customize your pagefile size with these settings (beforehand, ensure you have enough free space in the drive that's containing the pagefile, 120 GB should be enough) :

  • initial size : 32768
  • max size: 65536 (or 32768 if you have less than 120 GB of free space)

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6 hours ago, Flappie said:

Great. 😀

For your information, you don't want your pagefile to be stored on a hard drive because it slows down the whole PC.


What settings to you recommend then? This is my current settings. 



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The most recommended option is to let Windows handle it, by ticking "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives".

Then, only if you get issues when this box is ticked, you can set the pagefile size manually, as indicated above (with init size = size of your RAM).


But maybe your current settings (all drives are "System managed") are the same as ticking that box. I don't know.

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