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DCS crashing repeateadly.

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I'm experiencing repeated crashes with

2021-01-07 21:30:18.619 ERROR   DX11BACKEND: failed to create structed buffer. Reason: E_OUTOFMEMORY
2021-01-07 21:30:18.619 ERROR   DX11BACKEND: CreateShaderResourceView FAILED. Reason: E_INVALIDARG

I'm on a not-overclocked 5950x, using a G1, and a non-overclocked MSI 3090. Current OS, drivers and DCS openbeta.

Logs attached, and an gpu-z log as well, that shows memory usage growth.

Windows is a fresh install (Sunday, 3rd Jan).


Help appreciated.



dcs.7z dcs.log.old.7z

VR, i9, Winwing, TM and VKB.

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Hi seeing a few issues. 


first NET: Failed to decode network.vault: either hardware ID or OS username are different. Saved login data will be reset.


It maybe worth renaming your dcs folder in saved games, create a backup, then restart DCS login, and redo settings. 


Also ensure you have removed your unofficial mods, some of them are creating errors.


then run a full cleanup and repair of dcs


ensure windows and your display driver are also up to date. 


let us know if it helps, if not please attach your fresh dcs log


thank you


Forum rules - DCS Crashing? Try this first - Cleanup and Repair - Discord BIGNEWY#8703 - Youtube - Patch Status

Windows 10 Pro x64, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP, Intel® i9-10900K 3.70GHz, 5.30GHz Turbo, Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro, 32GB DDR @3000, ASUS ROG Strix Z490-F Gaming, HP Reverb G2

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Hi ags. It seems DCS had write permission issues during the crash. This associated with the memory issue the firs time makes me think of a storage/pagefile issue.


2021-01-08 00:58:44.511 INFO    EDCORE: CreateFile failed. Error: 32 
2021-01-08 00:58:44.512 INFO    EDCORE: CreateFile failed. Error: 32 
2021-01-08 00:58:44.513 INFO    EDCORE: MiniDumpWriteDump failed. Error: 2147943855 
2021-01-08 00:58:44.773 ERROR   VFS: VFS_open_write: CreateFile(C:\Users\ags\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Tracks\Multiplayer\Gildiansky_Range_v1_7_3_lite-20210107-233947.trk): The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
2021-01-08 00:58:44.774 ERROR   VFS: VFS_open_write: CreateFile(C:\Users\ags\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs\dcs.log-20210108-005843.zip): The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
2021-01-08 00:58:44.774 ERROR   DCS: can not create zip 'C:\Users\ags\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs\dcs.log-20210108-005843.zip'


Please send the result of this command (open the "cmd" utility and run the command into it) :

wmic pagefile list /format:list

Also please attach your dxdiag log. Here's how to obtain one.


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C:\Users\ags>wmic pagefile list /format:list



And dxdiag is attached.

VRAM usage still keeps climbing.




Edited by ags
added chart

VR, i9, Winwing, TM and VKB.

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Thank you.

I see you have a 32 GB pagefile stored on an NVMe disk, which has 550 GB of free space, and DCS is stored on that same disk: there shouldn't be any bad file access timings.


I'm still trying to figure out what caused the file access error messages. Maybe it's something with your antivirus. Please add these folders as exceptions in your antivirus:

  • C:\Users\your-name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta
  • C:\dcsOpenBeta\
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I see in your dcs.log DCS only detects 8 GB of pagefile. Please try manually setting your pagefile size:

  • initial size: 32768 (32 GB)
  • max size: 65536 (64 GB)

Now, your dcs.log file should always show at least a 32 GB pagefile. If DCS keeps crashing after this, it won't be because of a lack of memory (except if it's a hardware RAM issue of course).

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0. First dcs.log correctly picks up an 8GB pagefile, this has been increased to 32GB.

1. Running long-lasting tests for CPU, memory, and ovearall stress is something I have already done, no faults.

I’ve increased amount of pagefile since the original post, it is now set at 32GB permanenty - what would you expect to change if dynamic sizing would be allowed?
I’ll start logging these values from other software then.

To my eye, which lacks insight into DCS under the hood, scenario to trigger an overflow is rather simple - fly in a vanilla (as in, no mods) multiplayer server, keep shooting at things, die multiple times. DCS crash ensues.


I so far hold my opinion DCS is too aggressive in how VRAM is being used, and releasing this resource is not happening as expected.


As a sidenote, log sometimes mentions polygon gc cycles going into 10s of ms. I’d say this is „long”, and should be faster, or ceased after a smaller threshold value.

VR, i9, Winwing, TM and VKB.

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