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In order to get fun with friends in homemade multiplayer missions, I would ask to know if it's possible to rename the carriers and other ships to match the nationality of our squadron. In example: USS Theodore Roosvelt -> GER Albert Enistein  or HNG Nikola Tesla.

There is a way to edit an specific .lua and get it?



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Where are you looking to see the change?


The name of the unit type would need to be a .lua edit, though I'm not sure how to do this, I'm pretty sure it's possible. 


The name of the unit itself, and it's TACAN identity, are set in the mission editor and can be anything you want. 


The name and ship number you see on the actual ship in game is a texture file, and should be changeable by making a livery for it, though I don't believe we have a template for that yet to make it simple. 

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