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an entirely different idea for the next module to-be, How about a K-8? (AKA as J-8)

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The Hongdu JL-8 (Nanchang JL-8), also known as the Karakorum-8 or K-8 for short, is a two-seat intermediate jet trainer and a light attack aircraft designed in the People's Republic of China by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.


The JL-8 / K-8 cockpit arrangement is designed to be as close to that of a combat aircraft as possible. A transparent plastic canopy covering both cockpits, which are arranged in a tandem seating position, is supposed to give a good all-round field of view.

A Rockwell Collins Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) is fitted, with multi-function displays (MFDs) in the front and rear cockpits showing information to the pilots. The emergency cockpit escape system is made up of two Martin-Baker MK-10L rocket-assisted ejection seats which are zero-zero capable, meaning they can be used safely at zero altitude and zero speed. Although JL-8 is designed to have limited capability to deliver air-to-ground weapons, the first rocket attack practice was only completed in May 2011.[6]

Ultra high frequency (UHF) and very high frequency (VHF) radio communication systems are present, along with a Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) and automatic direction finder (ADF). An instrument landing system (ILS) is also available. These systems can be tailored to meet the requirements of the customer.

(copied from wikipedia) 

the K-8 is used by multiple countries as trainers and for aerobatics and it has some light ground attack capabilities. it has the capability to be something interesting for the Chinese side of DCS, and it's not as far fetched as some of the other ideas presented (*cough* J-15 *cough*).

furthermore it shouldn't take too long to develop considering it doesn't have the complex systems that surround many combat aircraft.  


in terms of why i'm interested in it, just look at this cockpit!



but also it would provide an excellent intro for new players to dcs and old alike, especially for those who like to fly redfor. and for old players can be a good challenge to master it's ground attack capabilities.

deka has probably already reached a conclusion on what module to develop now, but maybe have this as the next one after that? 

here are some pictures of the K-8 in service with other countries. 






another option i would consider are some helicopters 

my first option would be the Ka-29


based off of the Ka-27 this helicopter is in use both with the russian and chinese navies as naval born anti-sub and assault helicopters also capable of transporting troops, it would allow for a whole new area of ops (naval helicopter ops) and I think it has the potential to be a best seller. here's a screenshot i took with the current AI Ka-27 in dcs



my second option would be the Mi-2 Hipolite 


as a friend of mine put it, it's a baby Mi-8!


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In my opinion we have enough trainers in DCS. L-39, C-101 and a very good mod of the MB-339. But to each their own. :poster_oops2:

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The Ka-29 would be a very solid option, imo. Yes, it's "just another" transport helicopter, but maybe we could get one of the modified ones that served in Chechenya, on the Combat Experimental Group/Combat Attack Group alongside the Ka-50. A couple of Ka-29s were modified, one with a 2A42 cannon and the KSAS system (Automation and Communication Aids Package), and another with the same KSAS system but also the PrPNK RUBICON flight, navigation and sighting system. The Combat Attack Group was made of 2 Ka-50s, a Ka-29 and a Mi-24. The Mi-24 or the Ka-29 worked as target designators for the Ka-50s. It'd be a cool helicopter to have, as it can do both transport and designation if we had the one modified with the KSAS and RUBICON, and serve as a counterpart to the Kiowa designating for the Apache. 

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Main: MiG-21bis, because pocket rockets are fun


Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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