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Bought the supercarrier module for my steam game about a week ago. Every time I try to do a mission from the Persian Gulf map the game crashes. It does work fine in the Caucus map. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

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please attach your dcs log from your saved games dcs log folder. It is a file called dcs. 


also let us know your system spec.


make sure windows is up to date and all display drivers. 


try a verify of the game files in steam also, if you are using unofficial mods remove them to test.




Forum rules - DCS Crashing? Try this first - Cleanup and Repair - Discord BIGNEWY#8703 - Youtube - Patch Status

Windows 10 Pro x64, NVIDIA MSI RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP, Intel® i9-10900K 3.70GHz, 5.30GHz Turbo, Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro, 32GB DDR @3000, ASUS ROG Strix Z490-F Gaming, HP Reverb G2

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Hey Big, me and my buddy crashed today at the exact same moment in different flights.  F18/PG map/Super Carrier.  Whoever is first in pattern and activates comms, the second they flick case 2 or 3 immediately DCS has stopped responding /crashed pops up.  We both let the info troubleshooter upload yo DCS.


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dcs.log-20201227-121252.zip dcs.log-20201226-220718.zip dcs.log-20201226-215912.zip dcs.log-20201226-215328.zip dcs.log-20201226-144212.zip dcs.log-20201226-142328.zip dcs.log-20201226-135225.zip dcs.log-20201226-134645.zip dcs.20210105-194627.crash dcs.log dcs.20210105-190237.dmp dcs.20210103-222453.dmp dcs.20210105-190237.crash dcs.20201230-193653.crash dcs.20201230-193653.dmp dcs.20201230-182953.dmp dcs.20201230-182952.dmp dcs.20201230-182953.crash dcs.20201230-182952.crash dcs.20201230-182432.crash dcs.20201230-164524.crash dcs.20201228-212911.dmp dcs.20201228-212911.crash dcs.20201227-190659.crash dcs.20201227-190658.crash dcs.20201227-184815.dmp dcs.20201227-184815.crash dcs.20201227-123637.dmp dcs.20201227-123637.crash dcs.20201227-123636.dmp dcs.20201227-123636.crash dcs.20201227-121240.dmp dcs.20201227-121240.crash dcs.20201226-220718.dmp dcs.20201226-220718.crash dcs.20201226-220717.crash dcs.20201226-215328.dmp dcs.20201226-215328.crash dcs.20201226-211032.dmp dcs.20201226-211032.crash dcs.20201226-205411.crash dcs.20201226-173048.crash dcs.20201226-173046.crash dcs.20201226-173046.dmp dcs.20201225-202829.crash dcs.20201225-202829.dmp dcs.20201225-202840.crash dcs.20201225-202840.dmp dcs.20201226-134039.crash dcs.20201226-134039.dmp dcs.20201226-134644.crash dcs.20201226-134644.dmp dcs.20201226-142328.crash dcs.20201226-142328.dmp dcs.20201226-144204.crash dcs.20201226-144204.dmp dcs.20201226-144206.crash dcs.20201226-144206.dmp dcs.20201226-144212.crash dcs.20201226-144212.dmp dcs.20201226-173044.crash dcs.20201225-181508.crash dcs.20201225-181510.crash dcs.20201225-183227.crash dcs.20201225-183228.crash dcs.20201225-184340.crash dcs.20201225-202828.crash dcs.20201225-202828.dmp dcs.log-20201227-123638.zip dcs.log-20201227-183142.zip dcs.log-20201227-185214.zip dcs.log-20201230-182954.zip dcs.log-20201230-193653.zip dcs.log-20201231-162728.zip dcs.log-20210103-222453.zip dcs.log-20210104-190626.zip dcs.log-20210105-165406.zip dcs.log-20210106-123602.zip dcs.log.old debrief.log voice_chat.log

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