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How to make a simple western FARP ? Cannot get it to work

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Hi guys, 


The last couple of days I have been looking into how to make a functional FARP (Western) with the UH-1 in NTTR.

I have gone through some videos, followed their instructions to the letter but no joy. Also read the manual and have put in 
the required units, but no joy.


What do I get ?

1) I am able to go into the REARM menu and load and can select the weapons for that pylon. However, Ground Crew never replies with COPY.
(I am in the UH1 on INTERCOM to talk with ground crew).Same for refueling

So I went back to Nellis AFB. When you enter the cockpit, you switch to channel INT and at Nellis I can ask electrical power, new weapon loadout etc...

I asumed that my procedure (radio) is the same for the FARP (so select slot, doors are open)

2) My FARP is LONDON but I don't see that in the ATC menu (even if I changed to the correct freq. and radio)

3) I have added all vehicles for WESTERN FARP as per manual shown in their screenshot (service column), doesn't make a diiference
4) I have the UH1 up with pilot skill = CLIENT (do we need to do something different for MP?)


is there a bug ? what am I missing? 
All units where place at around 88m from the center of the farp.
All supporting tracks were put in 1 group (so I have 1 of 8 units)


Any help to solve this and improve (or correct my understanding) is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance




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Ok, got it to work. Deleted existing FARP objects including UH1. Relocated FAPR to another suitable position. Added the required object: FARP, FARP support vheciles, FARP structures and then UH-1 and now it works.
Although the FARP was referenced as "LONDON" by default, this is not the callsign I saw in the ATC menu. Anyone knows if this is correct ?


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