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All Of Coalition Out Of Zone, FARPs

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All Of Coalition Out Of Zone, should not consider FARPs


For the Event Condition of 'All Of Coalition Out Of Zone' a Static Object FARP is considered in the evaluation.  This is a mistake.  A Static Object should not be considered.  My examination shows that only a Static Object FARP is; other Static Objects and coalition airfields are not.


I have included two mission files that have: a FARP within the Mezzeh Airbase zone, and one with the FARP out of the zone.  There are Radio F10 Menu options to Deactivate the regular group which should give a All Of Coalition Out Of Zone result of True.  When the FARP is in the zone then the condition is not True.


From the DCS User Manual, Page 121:


• ALL OF COALITION IN ZONE. When creating a Trigger Zone, you can set a trigger to true when all of the set coalition units (aircrafts, vehicles, ships) are inside a defined trigger zone. Upon selecting this condition, two new fields will be displayed. The COALITION drop down menu allows you to select the coalition that when inside the selected trigger zone will set the condition to true. The ZONE drop down will list all the trigger zones you have created according to the names you created for them.
• ALL OF COALITION OUT OF ZONE. This condition works the same as the ALL OF COALITION IN ZONE, but the condition will be set to true when the all coalition's units are outside the defined zone.


The bug is that Static Object FARPs are inhibitors in the evaluation of All Of Coalition Out Of Zone.  The manual says "aircraft, vehicles, ships".  


Also, please update the manual.


See the two attached missions.


--- additional information


I added Static Object "aircraft, vehicles, ships" in the zone; respectively AN-26B, 2B11 mortar, speedboat, so that the conditions of the manual are considered in my complaint.  The Static Object AN-26B and Static Object speedboat are not inhibitors, but the Static Object 2B11 mortar is.


Fix this stuff.  It is ridiculous.  I have made missions for >20 years and spending >twoo weeks running down these bugs is really frustrating.  


Test SO Coalition Out Of Zone v01 FARP in Zone.miz Test SO Coalition Out Of Zone v02 FARP Out of Zone.miz

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I have spoken to the team, static objects are not included in the trigger, it is units only. 


It test correctly for me




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