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Mission Editor - Possibility to group triggers into a drop down sub menu in list + Flag Count

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So when you have a ton of triggers it gets messy really quickly, sometimes you may have several triggers related to one actual job, would be nice to group those triggers and have then under one heading with an expandable dropdown tier, so you can close the sub group up and keep things better organised, being able to name your sub group would obviously be hand in hand with that. In much the same way you click the down arrow on FONT in this message window........with the FONT being the heading. (so we are clear)

Currently I use a custom line break to keep things organised, not ideal tho 😄

Also re flags......Not thought this one through fully yet, but from the top of my head, could it be possible a prompt is made if you attempt to use a flag already set ? might be just the prompt someone needs so they don't accidently duplicate a flag already used.  (Flag already used - are you sure ?)One.jpg


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