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Thumbs on Throttle and Stick (TOTAS) with RC Controller (FrSky Taranis)

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Attached is how I bolted on a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth Gamepad to my Taranis RC Controller and mapped several functions for the F-18C in DCS. 


The computer sees the Taranis as a joystick with 8 axis and 8 buttons by using the FrSky Compact XSR-SIM USB Dongle for FrSky Transmitters and Module System.


I had to extend the Bluetooth antenna on the keyboard as it was sandwiched between the receiver and the controller and signal was lost.  I found the keyboard on Amazon:  HDE Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Mini Travel Size Wireless Pocket Keypad for Sony Playstation PS4 + Tablets + Smartphones  


I did this because I also fly quadcopters and wanted to apply the flying skills from real life quads to jets in DCS.


I fly with a Quest 2 in VR and can peek under the goggles to hit the key I need on the keyboard if I can not feel for it by touch.



TOTAS.pdf ThumbsBindings.xlsx

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