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ADF mode on the AN/ARC-51BX Radio

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I noticed the AN/ARC-51BX has an ADF mode under the T/R+G option however I can't get this to work.


As far as I can see, it's a mode that is included in the base radio which can be hooked up to a ADF receiver however on the UH1 it does nothing because it has its own dedicated ADF radio. Anyone know if that's correct?

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The manual says the ADF position "energizes the UHF-DF system when installed".


The question is, is the system installed in our DCS Huey?


The other day I dropped a beacon via the CTLD script on a multiplayer server, and that provided an in-game message with the frequencies for that beacon. It came with three frequencies, one for the ADF, one for the UHF radio, and one for the FM radio.


None of these three freqs worked though, I wasn't able to get a bearing on any of those. So now I'm puzzled. The fact that the maker of the CTLD script included a UHF frequency tells me he assumed the UHF DF equipment is installed, but I don't understand why it didn't work then. Maybe it's something with the script?

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