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Before I submit a bug report.......AH64D's - do not use the stand off range etc

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Simple mission with 4x AH64D's on a route set to CAS, all aircraft loaded with 16 AGM114's, full load of pain.

Deliberately placed in that route, off to one side is a large group of BTR's and a few BMP and quite a lot of T80's

AH64's are set to stand off to 8 miles in the advanced waypoint instructions - to maximise their range advantages with the ATGM's

The AH64's detect the group and engage probably at around 4 miles in the first instances, and they maybe let off 1 or 2 missiles each at most, but constantly creep towards the group, they then release another missile here and there and eventually they decide to fly slowly right over the top of the group before sweeping off in various directions to make defensive turns etc.......then they dither around very closely seemingly struggling to decide whether to shoot again or not, the odd one might let another missile go, but generally its just a mess, and again they start creeping towards the group with incoming ground fire, including now the T80s have woken up a few Igla , quickly the four AH64's are all lost and its just a mess...in all they took out a few targets, but given the advantages they had they should have taken the lot out in the first contact tbh !! and they would not ideally close in right on top of the group.

So I can assume either I setup this engagement really badly, and I made them behave stupid, or there is a problem, or I missed some tricks to ensure they do as they are told more properly ?



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I think it may be the same issue than in this thread [INVESTIGATING]AI Helicopters refuse to attack - AI - ED Forums (eagle.ru)

And like Bignewy said it's probably related to terrain, on my side I usually have AI attack helicopters on PG map that work almost flawlessly (no issue with missile engagement, weither type is AH64D or AH1 or Mi24/Ka28/Ka50, only sometimes when out of missiles they come too close to enemy during attack passes and often get shot down). 

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Thanks , my choppers are going too close fully armed tho ,so seems "just a problem"

The area they are attacking in as you can see in the screenshot is quite flat tbh.

I have just been running the mission again actually,  took 3 choppers and 9 missiles to finally kill the last BMP3,  the BMP finally shot one of the Apache down, one already had been shot down because it flew too close.

As I am not scripting the attacks it just seems their AI logic is currently just broken.


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