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AI Ground Units Not Engaging Downed Aircrew

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Not sure if it is intended, but the AI do not engage a downed aircrew stood right next to their stricken aircraft.....they simply drive straight past and don't even acknowledge their existence.


Large group of BTR's & BMP & T80's engaged by 4 Longbow Apache, because the Longbow didn't respect the instructed stand off range and got too close, the group shot all four down, one of them made a controlled crash landing near the group and the crew survived and got out, stood next to their aircraft, when the group resumed their route the remaining units just drive straight by them like they are not even there, even tho they are clearly alive and enemy Screen_210106_013919.png still.

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24 minutes ago, Flappie said:

Good point! In real life, downed pilots don't politely stand up next to their aircraft, they run away and hide!

The simplest solution I can see for ED would be to allow them to lay on the ground, instead of standing up to sign autographs. 😄

lol yes indeed, its more the way the AI drive past like nothing is taking place lol, kinda like, oh look, there's 2 dude who just killed some of my mates, hiya.......bye....


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2 hours ago, Flappie said:

Sure, although downed pilots that get caught are usually taken into custody rather than shot down (taking them alive represents a huge opportunity for the opposite camp). This would need a new logic for ground units.

Yes, I agree, It would almost be worth scripting their death on impact if near enemy units to prevent the whole situation arising in the first place 🙂


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