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Stars and Bars under both wings now, on USAF Standard skin. Should only be one, under starboard wing. Right? How many squadrons in the ETO implemented this? I don't know, but:


DCS, would you please reset the default skin as it was originally? Part of the reason I purchased the P-47 was due to the original default skin. Why not do another as an addon with Double underwing insignias instead of this change. The decision to make this default causes my other 3rd party P-47 skins to display double insignias also. This is an undesirable side effect for me.  Please fix.


Or maybe more simply: How do I remove decal under port wing? Or, if the old default skin is not the official one anymore, could I get a copy of it? Please, just for my own personal use.


Thanks for listening, and any help is definitely appreciated

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The practice of putting insignias on the underside of both wings of ETO P-47's, especially 8th Air Force groups like the 56th, was extremely common.


In fact I would say that more had this extra insignia applied in the 8th Air Force than didn't.


It's use in the 9th Air Force, whilst still done quite a lot, was not as widespread.


The extra insignia was introduced to try and reduce the incidents of "friendly fire" from both allied fighters, bomber gunners and flak gunners, due to the P-47's superficial similarities in appearance to the Fw190.


It was not unusual for one of the insignias on the underside, usually the starboard side, to be considerably larger than standard.


So the use of it on the DCS default 353rd Fighter Group skin is correct.


Below is Capt Fred Christensen's "Miss Fire/Rozzie Geth II", he was the fourth highest ace with the famed 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force.


The size difference between the insignias is very noticable.





***But why you would see this on a 3rd party skin, if it wasn't already put there by the skinner. is more of a mystery.***




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