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I have found two issues with AI aircraft taxiing around the carrier. Maybe they've been reported already, in that case please disregard


Issue 1: F-14 taxies from SIXPACK parking 3 to CAT3. When the E-2 launches from CAT3, the S-3B Tanker prepares to launch from CAT4. The F-14 starts creeping closer and hits the right wing of the S-3B, making it a deadlock (S-3B never takes off, F-14 never takes off).


Issue 2: also on the same screenshot - F-14#2, taxiing to CAT4 from SIXPACK parking nr 4 taxies through the static object E-2. This also happens with airplanes after landing, they just taxi straight through the aircraft parked in front of the Island.



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I've had a similar issue with Cat 1, If aircraft are lined up in front of the island, on the forward elevator and another aircraft is coming from the stern and waiting for the JBD to be lowered, sometimes the aircraft will pull forward off the elevator and get locked up with the aircraft already waiting

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