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Good afternoon, happy new year everyone.


I've been struggling with this problem for a few days. I have noticed that the lines on the ED super carrier have their own UV textures but then when I saw the 3d model in MV2 I saw that this geometry does not exist. Can anyone tell me how to do something like that?


I work on a boat and I'm looking to have the least possible geometry but with a realistic result. I've looked for dozens of tutorials but they don't get the same effect.


If anyone knows of a tutorial or a page where they can help me with this.


some images to show what I mean:




non-existent geometry:


texture file:


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I've been trying but it's not what I'm looking for. My question is: I have built the lines of the runway with geometry, I have done an unwrap and a render to texture, now I would like to apply those lines to the geometry of the runway directly. In short, create the decals with geometry.



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