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COMBAT PEDALS Addon MFG Crosswind F-16 , F/A-18soon , P-51 Mustang

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Hello Pilots,

 its nice to announce that we can share now our developement with you.

In our dev thread you see the extreme rigid construction and our tests:  link

Check the F-16 and P-51 like Pedals and have fun and follow the F/A 18 release soon.

Our goal was in our endless nights, while developing and testing, to achieve high quality and rigidity.

We are beyond the expected. We habe calculated the force on the construction.

This kind of production is ain`t cheap stuff, but it assures long therm joy for your sim.

see also our vids down below


best regards

rel4y and trace

always keep air under your wings guys




 MFG Crosswind addon COMBAT PEDAL F-16

The pedals are 3D printed, shaped to original F-16 specs and have two different settings for width adjustments of around ttl 25mm (~1 in) difference. Printing time is ridiculous 22hrs per pedal. Each pedal has 4 high quality Ruthex metal inserts which are molten into the 3D print and can take quite a lot of force (over 2000N pullout). Furthermore, there is no wear after several screw cylces, so you can trial your favorite foot distance with good conscience. No visible screws meets highest rigidity. The surrounding structure of the inserts is significantly reinforced, so that torsion forces can be absorbed.

It meets the demand for a near real F-16 pedal at no compromises.

If you want the real behavior of your pedals you will like it.


pair of "silver metal shiny material F-16 like Pedals" with high Qualität metal thread inserts, stainlesss steel screws

50EUR plus shipping 20EUR



JUST SEND A PM or email to airtrace(a)tutamail.com







MFG Crosswind addon COMBAT PEDAL WWII P-51 Mustang

They meet the right dimensions and are really BIG ONES.

They have 27hrs print time, each single pedal, but therefore as rigid as in hell its needed.

We use high quality Ruthex metal inserts they belong to the best on the market.

We calculate forces on our constructions after FEM.

If you want the real behavior of your pedals


you need the real deal


pair of "metal shiny silver or mil green colour P-51 like Pedals" with metal thread inserts, stainlesss steel screws

55EUR plus shipping 20EUR



JUST SEND A PM or email to airtrace(a)tutamail.com













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Posted (edited)


See also our original Thread:

The F/A 18 is now in the design process

 we will take some time to serve then the best result to you

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  • trace changed the title to COMBAT PEDALS Addon MFG Crosswind F-16 , F/A-18soon , P-51 Mustang

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