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My new DCS ww2 module - a feel of ... ?

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Well, "too much inertia" was in the original post tittle, but I have changed it ( see at the bottom please )...


couldn't resist the sale and bought both the P47-D and the Channel Map.


I haven't had much time to play with it. After installing the latest Open Beta of DCS and pushing the 2 moules + ww2 assets, I configured my T16000 controller with some curves on pitch, roll and yaw, adjusted the toe brakes on the rudder pedals, and went for a few flights using the packed quick missions.


Overall it's smooth, I'd risk saying smoother than my last DCS incursion a few months ago. The aircraft looks really nice visually, the systems modelling appear to be top notch.


I noticed just one thing that makes it feel a bit like those X-Plane add-ons where developers play with bigger radii of gyration / moments of inertia to overcome some flaws in X-Plane's flight dynamics. The result is that it feels to me a bit sluggish, I would say, responding with some unexpected inertia to my control inputs. I would expect it ( and yes I know it's an heavy aircraft )  to respond to inputs more loosely, briskly, not feeling a bit tied to rubber bands as it feels, but maybe it's just my expectations that are completely wrong, and the cockpit video I watched ( link bellow ) can't really give us the "feel"...


More P-47 Helmet Cam - YouTube


P.S.:Further looking into it, it appears to me it's probably due to that "peculiar" mode of modeling p-factor in DCS. the "sluggish" oscillations occur mostly at low speed / high AoA and higher power settings.

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Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

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  • jcomm changed the title to My new DCS ww2 module - a feel of ... ?

A week with this module, and WOW !!!  ED Rulezzzzz !!!

LOVING every little bit ! Ah, and the Channel Map too.

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Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

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