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AMRAAM guidance still broken in some MP situations

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In this clip I fire a total of 4 AMRAAMS with a TWS lock at an F-16 with my F-18. Only the 4th one manages to start guidnace to the target. Before the start of the clip I had already fired one AMRAAM from long range (~50 nm) and it went up high without lofting even tough I had a TWS lock. This can be seen at the start of the clip as an active AMRAAM on the right MFD. The 2 other missiles go stupid in the same way.

I want to say this again but this happens only SOMETIMES but when it happens it is infuriating. Video is from today. I do not have the track files but I can download the whole scenario Tacview file if it is required.


Link to video: https://a.uguu.se/ylAMFOEu.mp4

(Hosted on a free hosting site)

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please include track replays with examples


it is important to support your missiles until they are active. 




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