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GMT/SEA radar mode: track vs desginate

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So I see in the Wags GMT/SEA radar mode videos that when he uses SCS RIGHT it goes into track mode.  Track mode displays speed/bearing beside the selected brick, and only displays it.  Are there any other differences between TRACK and if you TDC depressed to designate a target other than these display differences?  Does a tracked target behave like a designated target i.e. can you set a markpoint on it?

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TDC Depress in GMT and SEA is the same as MAP - it makes a 'Nav Stabilized' designation. A fixed point on the ground. The radar doesn't 'track' anything with TDC depress, it only designates a point on the ground. A FTT (SCS Right) will attempt to 'lock on' and track a radar return. You can create a markpoint from either.


I'm guessing that trying to create a markpoint during a moving 'Track' ie GMT Track or SEA Track will create a Markpoint at the tracked targets location at that instant. However it might not work at all since the target is moving. Not sure. 

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