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Simshaker RPM support

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I have a feature request for Deka...

F410 makes a great piece of software called simshaker for aviators that allows buttkicker and jetpad vibration support.

Because the Jeff is all digital, he can't extract RPM values from a digital gauge - and as a result, the Jeff feels dead with no engine vibrations (unless you engage the AB).

I"m wondering if Deka can work with him to provide him the "hooks" he needs to enable RPM support and thus engine vibration modeling in his software?


Here's a link to his post..



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On 1/6/2021 at 12:07 PM, uboats said:

generally how does he get/extract the RPM? from arg?

I'm not sure you would have to message or ask f410 but I'll bet he would be more than happy to tell you!

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