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Flap transition from "HALF" to AUTO" and shutdown elevon droop

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Hello all,


first of all, I love how beautifully you modelled the Hornet in DCS! It is really outstanding and getting better and better.

One thing I noticed is that on the real Hornet, the flaps retract diffferently than on the DCS Hornet. On the real Hornet, the ailerons are "lagging behind" the inner trailing edge flaps on retraction during the transition from HALF to AUTO position.
This can be seen well in this video sequence, watch the outer (aileron) flaps, they are more slowly retracting up than the inner main flaps, eventually the ailerons retract fully but the main flap is down by a few degrees depending on the flight parameters, which again is correctly simulated on the DCS Hornet.


Furthermore, it would be a nice touch if the elevons would droop down (to a nose-down-trim attitude) within 2 minutes after engine shutdown like on the real bird due to the drop of hydraulic pressure. In DCS, when I park and shutdown the jet, elevons stay up at the nose-up attitude indefinately. I am not sure with this observation and readily stand corrected if I am wrong with this.

Thanks for listening, love the DCS Hornet!

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For your second point: I made it part of my shut down procedure to trim them down to -11 so that it at least looks correct when the jet is shut down. Not realistic, but I didn´t like the look too 😄

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