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Skill at creating markpoint in the mirage 2000

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Hi guys,

was wondering from what altitude skilled pilots fly to create markpoints ...  I tend to have to go quite low to be precise enough but am then exposed to AA defenses...  Trying to know what the benchmark is

i7 10700@2.6Ghz / RTX 3080 / Reverb G2 / TrackIR

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If you have eny ADA you don't want to overfly them in the first place, if you know where they are, use your map to plot it and create a PRECISE waypoint for it as you don't want to approximate air defense positions if possible. Modern pilots have digital maps in tablets to help them. 

I've seen Rafale pilots without TGPs go for dry passes (eventually a SoF) at low/medium altitude to spot/mark the target. 

Intel Core i5 4690k @4,6Ghz, Gigabyte GTX 970 OC, Gigabyte Z97-X, 16GB G Skill Sniper @2400, Samsung 860/850 EVO , Win 10 64 bits, Dual monitors 27"@144"Opentrack + TM Warthog + Saitek pro flight combat 

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If I have no recon images or a drone over the location to see the targets.  I will do one high speed low level pass to see if I can spot the targets.  If I spot them I will leave the area get about 10-12nm out climb to a safe altitude turn back in mark the closest point I can to them and set my bombs to ripple off at a 50m spread all in one pass to try and hit it.  


The Mirage 2000c is not a precision strike aircraft.  


But for most DEAD missions I will use BLG-66 Belugas.  


And as far as I can tell the 2000c was never capable of SEAD with ARM missiles.

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