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Better F-16 RWR visibility

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Hello, the F-16 right now has very poor visibility to the RWR screen, you cannot see the full top part of the display, and thus cannot see head on contacts. Moving the seat up or down doesn't help either, as then the HUD doesn't display properly. If you try to change the Cockpit camera position, same stuff, the HUD gets messed up. A perspective change like the A-10 got would be super helpful in this case. 


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Yea thats a really enoying thing for sure.  Im playing in VR and i always have to lean under to see the contacts. Is the view this bad on the RWR in the real F-16?


It would be nice if they could fix it somehow its just enoying..

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On 1/6/2021 at 11:28 AM, TotenDead said:

American ergonomics - Best ergonomics of all ergonomics

I've been flying the Soviet jets almost exclusively for 10 years now. Tried to fly the F-16 the other day: I got so lost. Completely different philosophies. First shock was the RWR 😄

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Cmptohocah=CMPTOHOCAH 😉

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