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Hi Chaps,

Im having real trouble getting the ILS to pick up in Syria, especially the northern most airports where the frequencies just arent picking up at 3000ft on a 10mile final, on radial where they should. Is this a bug? The VOR with DME is working fine but switching over to any of the ILS frequencies appears to be fruitless. Only in Syria im getting this.. 

Any advice appreciated!


GTX 1080Ti, i7 8700@4.4Ghz, 16Gb DDR4.

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The ILS installations in the most northen airports in Syria, Adana Sakirpasa and Incirlik, shown in the map, work correctly, tested in the C-101. If there is any ILS that doesn't work, it has to be a map issue.

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Roberto "Vibora" Seoane

Alas Rojas




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4 hours ago, cloudkake said:

ill check with another plane, good idea.


Yes these are active ILS. Tested with 0 wind or weather that might cause issues.


0 wind causes more issues than it prevents. At 0 wind an airport will use the default active runway. If the active runway is a runway direction without ILS, the ILS will be switched off with 0 wind. For airports with ILS for both runway directions, only one is active at a time. There is a bug in DCS where the change over logic for ATC and ILS isn't synchronized. The wind threshold for an active runway change for the ILS is around 5kts.


TL;DR: Set a 7tk headwind in the mission editor and test again.

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Vibora, thanks for confirming, i appreciate it.


DrPhilbes, That could very well be the issue indeed! Thanks for letting me know i will do that and see what the result is!


Many Thanks

GTX 1080Ti, i7 8700@4.4Ghz, 16Gb DDR4.

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