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AA Guns Guns Guns Training Missions Missing Airborne Targets

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Hi guys, I’m learning the Tomcat slowly, and while doing some of the training missions, I noticed the AA guns training mission is missing the targets described in the mission briefing.  You just end up flying around the empty skies.  




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I remember there was a bug that reverts the active pause commands. So when the mission was supposed to start paused it actually makes you fly - then you fly through the trigger zones and ahead of the target spawn points which breaks the mission until you come back to starting point. To remedy try active pause at the mission start and unpause when it's time.

G4560@3,5GHz/DDR4-16GB/GTX970-4GB/SATA3-SSD, Win7-64, 27"LCD-FullHD, T16000M HOTAS, customTiR

Aircraft: FC3, F-14B / Supercarrier / Maps: NTTR, PG

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