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What are those double double horns on nose of RNFAA HarrierII, and why dont we have em?

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Its because the AV-8B N/A is a different Harrier variant to the British GR7/9. The two tusks belong to the Marconi Zeus ECM system I believe, and is the reason why we don't have a British version as it is still classified i think.


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I think the extra pylon is just for missiles though, no heavy ordnance, but i suppose it would free up the two outer pylons for a bomb and use the outriggers for the sidearms 🙂


Hopefully, one day we might get a GR version #fingerscrossed

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I noticed that British GR7/9 carry 4 AIM-9s and same amount of A-G stores as US Marines variant.  British used 27mm Mauser gun?  On the photo GR has TPOD on centerline station, where DECM pod would go.

So British GR carries internal ECM, and has 2 additional stations for AA missiles. Darn it. That sounds more interesting.

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2 hours ago, DmitriKozlowsky said:

British used 27mm Mauser gun?

The British second generation Harriers never carried guns. They were planning on making a 25mm version of the 30mm ADEN that was used on the first generation of Harriers. That project failed, but the gun pods sans guns were still carried, since you want some sort of fence on the belly. So the GR.5+ series gets built in ECM, extra Sidewinders/more ordnance carried, but no guns.

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It kept acting like Bob Marley. Not sure if the wiring act software was kept for it... Will have ask my BAe systems friend.

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"It kept acting like Bob Marley."

What does that mean ?


Why would RNFAA deprive Harrier II pilots of a gun?

With those 2 additional rails, that gives Brit HarrierII six AA missile stations. Not bad, even if those were WVR AIM-9 or Iris-T families. Too bad that RAF shot down Blue Vixen radar for it. I figure a radar equipped HarrierII GR7/9 would have 2 X AIM-120 + 4 X AIM-9 or IRIS-T. That's same as Block 50/52 Viper .

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