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How do you get bloom effect on fire/explosions?

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I see lots of footage and screenshots showing light bloom from explosions and especially the fire from the WW2 damage model, and even regular HUD displays. Even with high settings, I don't get any bloom at all, and my RTX2070 should be fully capable of generating that bloom. Is there a specific setting somewhere that I'm missing? I have SSLR on, which I thought did light bloom and reflections, but it doesn't appear to do anything on my system.

YouTube Channel: "Clutch"


Z390 Aorus Elite | i5-9600k @4.7Ghz | RTX2070 | 32GB DDR4 | Windows 10 | Odyssey Plus | Warthog HOTAS | 20cm Extension

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Go into the VR shader mod's /Bazar/shaders/deferred/_HMD.hlsl

Line 7.  Set it to 0.

Reinstall the VR shader.


And make sure it's set to on within the game VR options too.

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