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Have you considered the Virpil CM3?


VKB are supposed to be releasing a throttle as well, but time to release unknown.


I've had the X56 and would never recommend it to anyone. The design itself is quite nifty and I'm impressed with the layout, but the quality is extremely poor.... in so many ways. Including phantom inputs, connection issues, people who have had to re solder wires, buttons that stick, grease that causes different levels of friction throughout the throttle depending on whether you've just slid it recently or not, power use issues (some people needing to plug into a dedicated powered hub), the list goes on...


I don't know if these issues exist for the X52 as well, but I've spent my last dollar on any logitech gear - once they used to have great gear (Still using my original G15 keyboards which they have discontinued) - I consider there newer stuff rubbish quality. 

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VIRPIL cm3 looka insanely awesome but its a little out of my price range atm. Maybe I can upgrade to it further down the line.

Yeah I find finding new sticks really easy but if there are no throttles to use the joystick with whats the point

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VKB say that will release their TECS throttle after the Chinese Lunar New Year - but are not clear about the year. 🙂 


If you can wait this "release", in meantime use the center dial in NXT base as throttle, is an analog axes.


VKB SEM modules -teaser at ~$50 each,  are  good "band aid" temporary solution, but they are not in sales yet.


The more cheap alternatives of standalone (at least in MSRP) is Thrustmaster TWCS or CH PRO Throttle.

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I love my CM2 from Virpil.  I just wish I had waited a couple months then I could have bought the CM3 with the detents.  I think the winwing would be nice if you were only flying the f-18.

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