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Hornet gliding impossible due to flaps going to 100%.

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Gliding in the Hornet is near impossible due to the flaps extending to 100% uncommanded when hydraulic power is lost. I'm not certain of why this happens, but I think it is not a design feature of a combat aircraft to drop like a rock when hydraulic/engine power is lost, especially if you can still steer the aircraft with secondary control laws just fine.

I hope someone would investigate this and see if this is a bug or a really bad design problem.

Hornet Flaps at 0 fuel.trk

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So gravity will pull the flaps down while airflow will push them up. That's physics. So would they really extend fully when already in flight ?

Would make sense if they would extend on their own at low speeds. But e.g. at 400 knots ?

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Hornet is a deathtrap, lose the fuel, hydraulics or electricity and you are in a expensive metal piece with low-end computer. There is nothing you can do.

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