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Had a thought. It seems that weight matters in DCS only when going supersonic or dogfighting but not during carrier operations. I launched a bombcat with a pretty heavy load, still perfectly rotated. The catapults seem to get you airborne no matter what. IRL, I've seen an S-3 settle below deck because of an incorrect shot. 5 -wet Rhinos seem to struggle a bit too. But not in DCS. It would be cool to have a weight board operator as IRL. He shows the weight to the pilot and back to the ICCS or TSPO to confirm. It would be totally up to the pilot (you) to confirm or pump it up or downOIP.jfif. Also this could go along with the whole "Air boss" feature. IRL, the pilot has to give a weight chit to Flight Deck control and the shooters collect it there and do the calculations as far as end speed goes. This would also put the responsibility on us as the virtual pilots to make sure our weight is correct. 

Just spit balling here. 

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+1 would be very nice to see this. It'd add some authenticity to the catapult hookup process.

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