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I can't find the ideal STR...

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Using a SP test mission, 40% fuel, guns only,  4k alt on Normandy, clear weather/default/midday.


Using tacview to review Turn Rate, Radius, and CAS.   Tested 300mph, 275, 250, 225, 200 using 2850rpm and 61mf.  Tested with and without 1 notch of flaps.


It "felt" like 275 without flaps was ideal STR... This also kept engine temps in check with occasional forced open oil.


225-200 with a notch of flaps was maybe +1 deg, and the radius was maybe 400ft tighter..but harder to manage, handle buffet, and engine was staying hot...


Basically im looking for ideal STR for prolonged fight hoping the pilot isnt managing his plane well, with eventual option of getting to the deck to then extend as I slowly lose to a K4 🙂



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