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Weapon select switch sticks Fore/Aft and Right but toggles Left

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Hey Gents,

I was fortunate enough to receive the TM Hornet stick for Christmas from a loved one and so far I love it. The only bugbear is what's in the title.


If I command the switch forward, it will click forward but stay there until I command center. If I command aft from the forward position without stopping in the center, there are two clicks, one out of the forward position and the other into the aft position. It's the same if I command Right on the switch as well. There's a single click when I command right, but to return to center I have to move the switch back to the center position myself.


This doesn't happen when I command WCS left however. If I command Left and release, there are two clicks, one into the left position, and the other back to the center position.


I've tried googling to find an answer but all I found was topics on this forum about control setups, which I'm not concerned about.


So, since I came up with diddly on my own and I know there are at least a small handful of IRL Hornet drivers who are involved in the community, my question for them is this, is the switch sticking in the aforementioned directions a feature or a bug? It's not a huge deal for me either way, but if it's a bug and not a feature, I'm going to start looking into how to fix it.


Edit: I forgot to add that I know there is no WCS Left in the IRL Hornet so that's what's leading me to believe that the switch staying in every commanded position except Left is a feature and not a bug.

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Nope, it should be like any of the other hats and go back to centre on it's own.  Something makes me think I've seen someone else recently with a new WH stick with the same issue.  I'd be starting a warranty claim on it unfortunately.

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