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Hey to all 


Is there an offshet 10,20 or 30 degrees in the marshall stack during Case II,III or the marshal is directly behind the boat?


I also want to ask if there are different cameras in the ship such as LSO cam, maybe a bridge or a bubble cam?



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Currently no marshall offset, it's always on BRC.


Quite a few different camera views.  L Alt - F9 is the LSO platform with PLAT camera and pattern info.  I believe CTRL F10 (or maybe F9) cycles a view of each cat, and then another key command I can't remember cycles between a few different views of that cat.  Sorry I can't tell you the actual commands; I just flail at buttons until I get what I want ;).  But yes, with all those options plus normal mouse look in each view, plus head tracking if you have it, you can manage about any view of the flight deck you'd like. 

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