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VR cockpit with motion. Work in progress!

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Hi all!


Just wanted to share my building process so far. 

It is based on the Next level racing motion traction plus and gt-track seat.

For cockpit design im using John Self`s 3d printed design. A huge thanks to his great work! https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/236378-3d-printed-hornet-front-panel-vr


Just remember that this is not made to be replica and function is more important then looks:)


 Also thanks to Brun for his UFC design https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/186771-hornet-ufc-potentially


I have followed most of the steps in Jself`s instructions with only minor changes.

Side panels with be designed also for 3dprinting and top panels created when cnc/laser machine arrives (Mid Jan)


Sorry about mess in the pictures:D






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Today ive fiddled alot with mounting of the stick. At the first pictures it was mounted too close to the panels:( So now I have moved them further apart and also adding stiffness to the structure. Although not perfect, its good enough to move on. 

Jeffs original mounting hole for the rods that goes into the structure was in inches. Very hard to find square rods in inches. So i used some threaded rods instead and printed some guides that make them fit perfect. 

More parts arrive today so maybe I soon can start with wires and electronics.


Feel free to comment if you see any improvements i can make!






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