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When you just click with an aircraft

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So i have owned the Mig 15 for a long time as well as a lot of other aircraft in dcs, i have loved the mig 15 for the longest time but never seemed to be able to click with it while in a dogfight, i would be able to fly circles around human sabre pilots but would never be able to tag them. as for the sabre i would be able to hit things but usually end up in a stalemate.


My best dogfight against both ai and humans alike for the korean war era aircraft was a one on one against a guy in kirks, that fight lasted well over 20 minutes, we both managed to tag eachother, both returned home out of ammo and with slight damage, in my case i had to pull the gear release and lost my gunsight.


Now even again ai i had struggled in the MIG 15 so i shelved it for the longest time as finding anyone to fight against is rare and the ai are either too easy or far better then any human is, until today where i went on a dogfight solo mission where i managed to score hits on sabres, then i hopped into kirks where the ai is usually demon like in their handling of the aircraft.


I actually managed to down some aircraft, perhaps they were derping out or perhaps i actually clicked for once and managed to lead properly, energy fight and restrain myself long enough to not dump ammo into the sky. let me know what you guys think.


fyi, i use labels for vr as the rift isnt great for spotting anything at anywhere but point blank or just above the horizon.






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Man my satisfaction with the mig 15 has only increased as of late, i think it must be all the ww2 props that i have flown that has increased my accuracy, trigger disiplin and capability, had some more nice pvp in korea 1952 server 



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