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Pilot / co-pilot stick buttons

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In the bindings, there are two different entries for pilot and co-pilot control stick buttons. This means that every time you switch between pilot an co-pilot you have to go into settings and edit your bindings.

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My thoughts exactly. What we need is an additional UH-1H Co-pilot tab in the controls menu, just like the F-14 (pilot and RIO).

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Actual ther is no way to bind the (how has the controls funktion) to a button. You can do it in the settings but it dos not work.

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Yeah, it's screwed. The controls are still the same as for single-player Huey, and they just don't work anymore. We either need a separate tab or have the pilot controls recognized when input by the copilot. Having a separate radio trigger and weapon release button when they should be mappable to the same inputs makes no sense.

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