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Old Directions Won't Work In New Version

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Hello Again,


       I have recently begun playing with DCS again after a long absence. In doing so I have found a problem with trying to use an old set of directions in the new version. In a previous long ago post concerning how to add a payload,  a paint scheme, and the start time to my P-51D which I was using in the Final Approach to Lochinvini (sp) Quick Mission in the original v 1 of DCS World I was told the following:



1. Go to Mission Editor
2. Click Open File (top left of screen0
3. Find mission via top right block of the drop down menu and click OPEN
4. Click aircraft icon on map
5. Click payload icon to right of screen
6. On payload screen select Paint Scheme from drop down menu, choose and click SAVE



1. Open ME
2. Select file and OPEN
3. Step one level up through selecting the "..." folder
4. Select Campaign
5. Select whichever mission you want
6. Select the briefing button indicated on picture
7. Change time on it and SAVE


       Unfortunately, while these directions worked in my original game, they don't do so now as the format has evidently changed.  In the first category, when I open the ME and click open the second icon from the left hand side of the screen (Open File) I get a blue screen with two choices only, New Mission or Open File. The Open File has only three choices, a blank folder, a folder labeled Campaigns, and something called an MG.miz file. None of these choices pertain to what I want to do. There is no top right block with any extra choices. If I click on the MG.miz file a map opens but it is not for the mission I wanted/selected. Instead it is for some kind of jet mission with red and blue forces and a list of threats, which has nothing at all to do with the landing approach P-51D mission. In the second case I had much the same problem. When I try selecting the Landing Approach mission I can't find it. in the list. So I can go no farther.

       An alternative method was suggested which was:


!. Select Mission and start.

2. Once the Briefing Screen comes up click CANCEL and leave screen to the Main Page

3. Choose Mission Editor (which is supposed to bring up the last map selected)


5. When this opens look for the START line and change the time

6. Choose SAVE and click FLY


       This doesn't work either. After selecting the Final Approach mission and getting to the Briefing Screen there is no CANCEL button so I let the mission start then hit ESC and exited back to the Main Menu. I clicked on the Mission Editor, but this brought me to the screen mentioned above. I can't use step 4 because the CREATE MISSION BRIEFING icon is greyed out and so cannot be clicked open. The only two choices are the New Mission and Open File options mentioned above,  which lead nowhere. So I have no way to get to Step 5.

       I would appreciate anyone who can give me any help in straightening this out. I would also like to know if there is a tutorial somewhere that explains how to make new missions in DCS (including the use of the Assets Pack). I know how to do this in IL-46 and Cliffs of Dover Blitz so if this is similar I would have a leg up. Thanks in advance to all who take the time to answer.



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Thanks Flappie. I always learn something new and useful hre, and you seem to be especially knowledgeable. Many thanks

               Navy Ace


Oh, by the way. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I can use to learn about making my own missions?

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You're welcome. 😀

There are a lot of videos about mission editing. This one looks perfect to begin with, because it's only 3 years old and this guy takes time to explain the basics:



One piece of advice: if you're using Firefox or Chrome, you can use the Picture-in-Picture function ( image.png ) to minimize the video in a part of your screen. This way, you'll be on the editor, doing what you see in the video. It's very useful and you'll learn faster.

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