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Persian Gulf missions - new upload and updates

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Hi folks,  Just in case you're twiddling your thumbs under lockdown, wondering what shenanigans you can get up to in your Harrier, I've just uploaded a new mission in a series I'm slowly building for the Persian Gulf - The Pirate Voyage 6: Bellamy's Heroes.


No mods are needed (apart from the Persian Gulf map), although I tend to use the RAF Desert Pink livery because I think it looks great, so you'll see that in a few of the screenshots.

I've also updated all of the briefings for the whole series of missions to provide a pdf and maps for each mission.


Don't expect anything super flash - I just like messing about with the mission editor and finding out what I can make it do.  I've tried to vary the types of missions as I like variety, so some missions are fairly straightforward strikes, others involve hunting for targets with the TPOD, and others a bit of shutting down SAM sites.  Most of the missions allow you to fly different flights too, including CAP on some missions if you want to show off in your fancy F15 or F18.


All missions are easy to edit to convert for pretty much any other aircraft that can hit stuff on the ground - F16, F18, even A10 - nothing is likely to break.  Obviously the missions that start from the Tarawa will need to be started from a nearby airbase, but that should be simple.


Any feedback is very gratefully received - especially if it's constructive or ideas for things to try.


Oh, and there is NO A-A refuelling, mainly as I'm rubbish at it!  But also because the missions are based on a limited resource deployment - no AWACs, No refuelling, and a sort of Forward Operating Base to work from (maybe I'll set a proper one up now I can).


For the rest of the missions in this series, and others I've built for the A10A and others, try this link.


Happy flying!



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