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Some Possible Hornet Sensor Bugs...

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I'll try again as my first post was apparently deleted by Mods (I'll assume accidentally ;-)) In this track, all of the below items occurred at least once in the test mission provided:


These are in no particular order:


- AACQ (SMS right) failed to STT  lock the '+' plus sign priority target
- STEP button on SA page didn't automatically take me to STT aircraft I was locked to
- Viper & Tomcat do not get a NCTR print
- Radar got stuck in RST/BST multiple times, not allowing me to undesignate my STT or return to search
- AZEL page did not display NCTR print when SA page did (maybe not a bug given some of the stranger real world Hornet interface properties?)

NCTR Test.trk

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Please read the bug reporting guide here, and please use the search function before reporting 



it is important to only post one bug per thread if it is valid, things get confusing very quickly with mixed reports. 



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