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Mission 3 did not resume from tanker

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DCS crashed just after I refueled. Despite assurances that it would resume from the tanker, it did not. I am not attempting again this 2.5 hour mission in VR unless this is fixed, because a 5-minute break results in G2 going to sleep and DCS just closing. Any way I can edit my log file to resume this mission from the tanker?

i5-4670K@4.5, 16GB DDR3, 1080ti, NVMe, W10pro, Warthog HOTAS, ButtKicker, G2

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Hey @impalor! Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately campaign branching system does not work as it should (or: I cannot get it to work). The only advice I could offer is to launch Mission 03A from Mission Editor (you will start behind the tanker) and edit your logbook to advance the campaign to M04. Here is how you can easily do this:


1. Find your logbook (C:\Users\User_Name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\MissionEditor) file.
2. Open it with text editor (I'd strongly suggest to use Notepad ++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/)
3. Make the backup of the Logbook
4. Scroll down to Raven One campaign entry.
5. Under ["fileList"] find the highest bracketed number - this is where you have to make your edit to progress
6. Change mission name under ["mission"] to "R1 M14.miz", or "R1 M15.miz", depending where do you want to progress to. You may want to also change the result of the previous mission to 100 (it will be something low, so it's better to fix your score).
7. Save and close - you should be good to go.

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